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mailing jdb copy of anwer

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I need to mail NCO a copy of my answer. They have a PO Box address, though, and I don't think I can mail them anything that is equivalent of certified mail. Should I just make a copy and mail it regular mail to the PO Box, and if I can find an address for their attorneys (I don't have their name in front of me but I think it's something like Host Buchanan), do I mail them a certified copy of my answer?

Thanks for any advice.

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It is a common myth that you can't send certified, overnight, insured, etc to a post office box.

You can send ANYWAY ANYHOW to a post office box - as long as you use the USPS's services.

How this myth gets perpetuated is you cannot use UPS, FedEx, etc, services because they can't legally put anything in a PO Box without paying the PO postage.

Again, you can send anything to a Post Office box, even if it needs to be signed for, as long as you are mailing the item using the US Postal system!

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