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Anybody have a fax number for HSBC NV?


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I have searched everywhere and cannot find one, I thought I saw someone posted one on here, but no luck finding it. I would even take an email address for anyone. I've tried combinations of options, but they all came back undeliverable. I'm trying to send a goodwill letter and I want to do it fast.;)

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North America

HSBC - North America

Address: Corporate Headquarters

2700 Sanders Road

Prospect Heights

IL 60070

Telephone: +1 847 564 5000


Address: One HSBC Center


NY 14203


Fax: +1 716 841 2424

+1 716 841 5391

Thats the best I can do for you now, running out the door.

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HI, I need a current fax number for that HSBC on Sanders Road. Does anybody have one to share with me? Having problems with these people, whom I've never had an account with. I'm handling them ok, but need the fax.

Thank you.

onthemove :)

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