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verizon--should i pay?


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Hello, I have a collection account from a Verizon landline from 7/2006. On my CRs it is showing under "accounts" and not in the collections list. It has "collection account" as the account status. The account is only for $105. If I pay this would it still show up as a negative account since its not in the "collections" list? I have read about all of the battles w/verizon and I just want to get this past me so that I can get a mortgage in the next couple of months. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



Date Opened 02/2004

Balance $105

Past Due $105

Date Reported 11/2006

Credit Limit $0




Phone number not available

Balance: $105

Date Updated: 11/2006

High Balance: $0

Past Due: >$105<

Pay Status: >Collection Account<

Account Type: Open Account

Responsibility: Individual Account

Date Opened: 02/2004

Date Closed: 07/2006

Loan Type: Utility Company


Account closed by consumer

Estimated date that this item will be removed: 12/2012




Account Number:

Acct Type: Unknown - Credit Extension, Review, Or Collection

Acct Status: Closed

Monthly Payment:

Date Open: 2/1/2004

Balance: $105.00

Terms: 1 Month

High Balance:


Past Due: $105.00

Payment Status: Seriously past due date / assigned to attorney, collection agency, or credit grantor's internal collection department

Comments: Credit line closed-consumer request-reported by subscriber

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If it were me, I'd contact them directly and arrange payment. It may temporarily dip your scores, but any loan officer would probably have ya pay it anyway, as long as it's paid they tend to look beyond it. That's been my experience anyway.


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My first inclination is to say call them and make arrangements to pay it off in exchange for removing it from your CR, and have them send you something that says they'll do this. But as DiveMedic seems to suggest (and I learned the hard way), DV everything first and go from there. Are they the OC or is it through a CA like Palisades or someone?

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verizon is the OC.. so I just called to see if there was any way I could get a PFD. Talked to the first representative who was very nice. I told her that it still has Verizon as the creditor on my CR and that the account status says "Collection Account". She said no problem and asked which address the last bill "should" have been sent to. I told her and she noticed that the address was wrong (one number off). So she sent me to billing, and said that they should have no problems removing. Spoke to some ******* who said that the account is now w/CBCS and they could only update as "paid". I told him that I was not willing to accept that because it would essentially be just as bad as having the collection on there. He sent me to someone else. I explained the situation and explained that they sent the last bill to the wrong address. She put me on hold and went to speak to the floor manager. Came back and said that the account is now w/CBCS. Gave me the # to CBCS (which I do NOT plan on calling). And said that I would need to contact the CRA to put in a dispute first. Said that they were not allowed to initiate it first because they could be sued. Then said that once I send in the dispute and it comes back to verizon to get verified, they will see the note that there was a mistake w/the billing. What are your thoughts on this? I will go ahead and do the disputing w/the CRAs, but not holding my breath on this one. :(

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