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Adding Favorable Information to Credit Report

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Hello All,

I pulled my three credit reports and noticed that a car loan that I took out 3 years ago is showing on 2 reports.

I mailed a letter to Equifax asking themto add the account for me and this is the response that I received.

The Diamond Finance CO auto loan acct number 0000000 is currently not reporting on your credit file. If this is a new account please allow 60 days for this account to appear. If this is not a new account your creditor may not report this particular type of account information to Equifax.

I thought I read somewhere that the CRA's must add information as long as it is verifiable.

The FCRA :15 USC section ? 168li. ( I believe that I am missing the Section number.)

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Maybe I should send a letter to the auto co and ask that they report the information to me.



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