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USA OPTIMUM Gold(look @top of site)

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Has anyone tried these.USA Optimum Gold or All American Gold. They say they dont do a credit check, nor verify job. Which threw up a red flag, like its too good to be true. They will report to 4 CRAs. I heard from a credit counselor who stated they are cards to buy their merchandise. Please let me know what you all think.

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I went several rounds with the "Live chat" window that came up. They try to get you to take either a "Credit Card" (which turns out to be a Pre-Paid Debit Card), then try to get you on an instant $1,500 (Pay Day Loan ....YIKES!!!),

then keep hammering you to take their "credit Card" , I say Is it an Unsecured VISA/MC, and they dont really respond and send you a link. The picture shows a "Credit Card" but no VISA or MC logo on the front of it.

They avoid the VISA/MC questions....so it is some "credit card" probably just for their crappy merchandise.

Always look for the VISA/MC logos. if they dont directly answer your questions, move on!

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