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Debt Validation received longer than 30 DAYS

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I requested a "certified mail" Debt Validation on March 8, 2007 to Weltman, Weinberg, & Reis collecting a debt for LVNV. I received a "validated debt" notice from them on their letterhead dated May 4, 2007 requesting immediate payment since the debt was validated.

All they sent was a monthly statement from Sears Credit and nothing else. I requested all information from the sample letter here. Are they in violation since they sent it after the 30 day allowance?

What would my next step be to wipe this out?

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Sorry, no. You misunderstood. YOU have 30 days to request validation (or they can assume the debt is valid and continue to try to collect). THEY have as long as they like to send you something.

Is what they sent sufficient? Maybe. According to the FDCPA, probably. The ultimate decesion would be in court.

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