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could someone please tell me what an "its" letter is ? and what is a "nutcase

' letter. I have heard you all mention them, and thought maybe they would help me. I have a 1st premier that is a charge off and, a Applied card that was settled for less than balance and Asset Accepatance, i got it deleted from equifax, but not the other 2. and a Washington mutual that i know is sol and it is the same account Asset has. these are the last negs that i have left on my report out of 15 on 11/06. I have 5 lates with my bank for our auto loan and 2 mortages that happen in 2005. and 1 late auto in jan 2007, which I paid the interest on

per the bank manager. but he still reported me as late? and i cant write a good faith letter to them. it is small town( less than 400 people) and the only bank. and until i can raise my scores i have to put up with them. you can not dispute anything or they will call your loan due { it has happen with other people} Anyway, any advice on how to delete the 4 neg would be great.


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