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Where Do I Go From Here?

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Thanks everyone who replied to my last thread in the Collections forum. I started this thread because I have a new question and am unsure what to do although I have looked over the helpful flowchart the Admin created for us.

I received a CL for a brand new debt and I DV'd the CA within the first 30-day period. It also appears this CA (OSI aka Gulf State) reported me to the CRA's before I received the initial letter from them (dated 3/8/07). My credit report says the collections was opened on 03/07 and last updated 04/07.

They received my DV on 4/3/07, so it's been a little over 30 days. I've also disputed this with the CRAs. Since OSI has not replied thus far, isn't there a provision under FCRA that says if a CA can not validate a debt within 30 days they must remove the unvalidated debt from the CRAs?

Also, if they verify this unvalidated debt to the CRAs now, that's a violation right? Should I follow the flow chart and send them the letter saying you have not validated this, remove it from my records immediately or I will sue you in 5 days (Flowchart says tell them you will sue in 5 days). Or should I wait for the CRA dispute to finish before I send them another letter?

Sorry for the long post and thanks to all who take the time to read this your time is very appreciated.


Oh yeah, they never marked the accoutn "disputed" with the CRAs. Do they have until May to do this since they received my CL after teh beginning of April? Or are they required to do it immediately? Because from what I've read that is a violation too.

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