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FICO Scores and Available Credit

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I'm new to this forum so sorry if this has been addressed before. Assuming 1-9% utilization of all revolving credit would FICO score me higher if I had 100K as opposed to 15K of available credit? Assuming everything else is equal of course. Same number of positive TL's that kind of thing.

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The only people that know 'FOR SURE' what will happen is the Fair Isaac Co.

Anything you hear from anyone (me included - smile ) is pure conjecture.

You'll hear a lot of,

" I'd guess....."



because no one knows FOR SURE.


Search FICO on this board for a plethora of postings on the subject.

Perdicting what a credit score will do is like predicting the path of a hurricane... you have an idea where it will go, but you just never know.

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I don't need or want the credit but I have lost a ton of good history over the years. Cars, mortgages credit cards with well over 25 years of no lates and just was wondering if I will get whacked down the road with my puny credit lines. My FICO's are all high 600's with an old BK and state lien included. I'd like to jack the scores over 720 but I'm not in any great hurry. Thanks. Seems no one knows and the lenders love it that way.

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Ok... now the whole info come out... :)++:D

The BK is hurting you.. I mean that's a no-brianer, as is the tax lein...

I can say that without the standard "I guess" or "probably"

Look, I have a high credit of only $770 and my FICO (EQ) is 743... I'm at about 20% utilization... but its been as high as 757 when I had smaller balances.

So this proves that you don't have to a million dollar high credit to get a high score.

I've heard of people getting BKs / leins removed but I'm not sure of the process.. search this forum before asking how ... OK :-)

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