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SSN in outside address

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On May 5, I reiceved a invoice from a medical provider, dated May 1, which included my SSN on the mailing envelope. The procedure occurred 15 months ago.

On May 7, I called the 800 number and requested that they remove the SSN from the address and asked for proof that I owe them (My insurance covers 100% for the procedure in question).

On May 8, I sent a letter asking for an insurance claim number. They will receive the letter today, May 14.

On May 9, I received a letter, dated May 7, with the SSN still on the mailing envelope, explaining that I will need to contact my insurer for assistance concerning the payment.


1. Should I be concerned about my SSN on the outside of the envelope?

2. Is a medical billing company covered under FDCPA/FCRA?

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Guest Jary

I agree with direred, you should be concerned about your SSN on the outside of an envelope, how many people will see the envelope before it reaches your house? I am not sure if medical collection agencies are covered by the FDCPA/FCRA unless they are reporting on your Credit Report. Not sure though.

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