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Double account entry on cr/ Is it a legit reason to delete ?

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:) Hello everyone, Have a question? :)++

I've been checking my report on a regularly basis lately. I come to find out that I have two account same creditors that are listed twice for each account. The original account from the creditor and the collection agency they sold too.

The original derogatory account is on my credit report; however, when they sold to a collection agency their on there as well. So it seems that I have 4 derogatory account which in reality its only 2 :confused:

Is this legal? Is this a legit reason to request that both or at least one the accounts be deleted off my report?


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I think most of us see the OC (original creditor) and the respective collection agency on our reports which is legal. You just can't have two CA's for the same debt, and the OC has to report "transferred, sold, or C/O) and report a 0 current balance, though they can show the amount that was charged off.

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