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Has anyone here applied through sites like Roadloans, HSBC Auto, Cap1 Auto, etc. and been required to send in pay stubs? How many pay stubs do they usually require?

The reason that I ask, is that the DH and I are working on our credit in preparation to apply for an auto loan. He has several years with the same company and can supply many paystubs, but I just started a new job. We're thinking about me co applying with him in order to bring our income level up on the application. Would it be a problem if I can only supply 2 or 3 recent paystubs?

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Just a note from my experience (bought a car on friday).

I applied everywhere for financing before going to the dealership.

I had to fax most recent paystub and any that had bonuses.

My fakos were TU -670 EX - 660 EQ 623, and the best i could find was Capital One for 12.95%.

I decided to let carmax run my credit just to see, and BofA picked me up for 9.55%.

I don't know if BofA is more relaxed, as I didn't apply for them beforehand, but I'd give them a look.

(carmax pulled ex, BofA pulled TU)

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