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Where do I begin with this mess?


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I went through a nasty divorce in 2004. Prior to this I had great credit. During the end of this marriage we filed Chap 7. I had to file a Chap 13 in 2005 in order to save my house...ie...buy me some time to sell. My FICO is in the very low 500's. I have negatives-about 14 for checks with ttreble charges, some are the same ones reported multiple times-I would write checks, my ex would empty the account. It was a huge game for him. I would love to pay these off sans treble charges and have these removed. Also, there a several accounts that were included in the BK 7 that remain on my report. This includes one that Household sold to a law firm. They filed a lien on the property and received $6000+ when I sold the house-can I recover that? Thanks.

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