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AR Management, Inc


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Received call saying it was urgent to return call, ASAP. Called them back, it was answered, "Thank you for calling ARM, what is your SS#?"

I refused, they then asked for last name, to which I asked who ARM was, and why they were calling. TOld they represent several "clients and accounts" so without name they couldn't tell me. Gave last name, they began telling me I had five days to pay, or they would file judgement.

At that point, they still hadn't told me who it was for, only how much. I asked again, and they claimed they were calling for First Premier. I asked if they were ARM or 1st, to which I was told they were AR Management, Inc and had been authorized to act on behalf of 1st Premier to collect an outstanding balance.

Me? I replied, put a supervisor on the line, as you are the ones who re-aged a debt that is beyond SOL.

Man gets on, claims to be "Manager of Client Call Center, for ARM". I tell him that I want written proof of debt, along with validation to be mailed USPS, as this is husband's EX-WIFE'S debt. He tells me they don't have to, I pull the Fed laws on him, tell him that I need them within a week, or I will contact lawyer to sue ARM for violations, not limited to: re-aging debts, failing to validate a debt, failure to be bonded in Texas, etc.

Mr. Arrogant then tells me that since I want to get a lawyer involved, instead of being a responsible adult and paying my bills, then I need to have lawyer call him, as he will not be sending out written statement.

I politely tell him to have a nice afternoon, and I will be expecting statement and validation shortly. I then hang up.

I go look at CR, not only did they re-age debt, but NCO also re-aged it two days prior and have also tried calling on it.

What can I do?

Anyone else dealt with ARM, Inc yet? I googled, and they are "Accounts Receivable Management, Inc.", but seem to be fairly new JDB, as there is very little info available on them.

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