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CO Question: Crap1 NO DOFD..no Opening Date Either!


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PLEASE tell me I can use this as leverage to get these guys off of EQ?

I have a charge off from Crap 1. I opened the account in 2002, according to my TU and EX.

I know darn well that I made one payment, MAYBE two. Then never paid.

Now, on my EQ credit report, there is NO "date opened" date...it just has "n/a"

There is NO DOFD. Nothing.

I have an old saved copy of my EQ file, from 2006. On it, the 81-month payment graphic (you know, the green, yellow and red colored thing on EQ) shows a bunch of BS that is not nearly accurate. I mean, it's absurd. I have another version from a couple days ago. It is COMPLETELY different, even for the info going back to 2000.

By the way, the graphic showed activity going back to 1999 on the 2006 file.

Will this help me get it off?

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