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My First Success!

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Wow - I just had to share this with you all. Before I found this board, I had been working on our credit off and on for about two years... still have some DV letters out and I anticipate some issues with those, but I had my very first GW success!

I sent an email just this morning to the CEO (or CFO... can't remember) of the bank that foreclosed on me in early 2005. I told him that I reviewed my report, and see that the bank is still reporting me as 120+ days late on a monthly basis, said that I'm not questioning whether the foreclosure happened, but asked if he would look into the monthly reporting issue so I would have less "current delinquencies" showing on my report.

I came back from work tonight, and he had forwarded my email to have it taken care of... another gentleman responded with an explanation of when the foreclosure actually happened, and that he has put in a request to have the CRAs correct my reports. It certainly doesn't fix my entire report, but it's good to have something to be excited about - I was getting REALLY discouraged!

Now, I just need to find an actual email address for someone at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, so I can try and do the same thing for hubby's foreclosure. My email attempts keep bouncing back to me, but I'm so excited that I'm going to keep trolling the internet for real WFHM addresses and someone who can actually help me!

Thanks for the info on the site, everyone - I've learned a lot... including how to use the "search" feature. :-)

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