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Old Medical Bill in DV

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I hope someone can give me advice.

Recently, I received a bill demand from CA for a 3 year old medical bill in the amount of more than $8000!!! This was a first time I heard about this bill so it was very surprising as I am fully insured through my job for the last 7 years.

1. I contact my healthcare provider and they advised me that they show an old record in the archive. Apparently back then they sent a "letter of medical necessity" to OC to validate the services and OC never responded to them. Thus the healthcare provier purged the claim in their system. After our conversation the healthcare provider advised that they are re-opening the claim to investigate.

2. At the same time I sent DV letters to both CA and OC asking to provide me with full details of what they say I owe.

3. I also filed a complaint with Better Business Burau against OC since they never commmunicated the debt to me.

4. I was contemplating also to file a complaint against OC with Fare Trading Commission and with Attorney General office in my State.

I am very concerned because currently I am in the process of getting a loan and this can impact it. I have not seen anything on my credit yet but very nervous that something may appear unexpectedly. What should be my next step so I am ahead of CA?

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