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Proper validation?

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In reply to my 1st DV I receivd 2 copies of hospital emergency bills, that shows Unpaid Balance '0'. But in the body of the bills it shows an amount as a 'Bad Debt Writeoff'. (This is all I've ever received from them)

To me, it's deficient in these ways ;

1: The 'Unpaid balance' '0' statement.

2: The amount they're demanding is not even close to the 'bad debt' amounts

on the two bills.

Is this sufficient compliance from the CA???

So I sent a second DV, (1 week ago) demanding a complete accounting of the sum they're demanding and threatening lawsuits, yadayadayada.

In the meantime, I demanded all copies of my medical files from the OC hospital. I received the same unintelligible bills & little note that they'll 'help me' understand if I call.

I am awaiting a consultation with Blue Cross (neither myself nor bluecross had seen these bills) before I talk to the OC.

Bottom line is that the OC sent these bills direct to a CA bypassing my carrier and me!!!! I always paid the hospital's bills immediately after receiving them. I hope to be able to prove that the OC did that either in error, or (more likely) to cover some 'mutually exclusive' charge they'er not supposed to charge but think they're entitled to.

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I agree, not proper DV, won't hold up in court. You seem to be on the right track, work with Blue Cross and let us know how it goes!


And, we just received notice that the CA upon receipt of my DV, put a TL on my wife!!! (I posted some requests for advice on this.)

No notice in advance. No advise that she could dispute. Perviously, they had been persuing the debt. against me.

We never knew it was a bill for her, till I demanded our records from the hospital under HPIAA!!!

BTW, just to give you an idea what hospitals in Ca. are like, check this out ;


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