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I have a reed's account they have it reported as charge off and have sold the accct to NRC and they reported to all 3 as

Delinquent Account

A delinquency has appeared on your credit report.

Here are the details of this delinquency:

Reported By: TransUnion

Reported On: 05/05/2007

Account Number:

Amount Delinquent: 3672

Account Balance:

Payment Status/Method of Payment: Collection/Chargeoff


Industry Type:

Address: PO BOX 182273



Canceled by credit grantor

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Have you disputed the balance? The law says that if a creditor chooses to report, then the reporting MUST be complete & accurate. If it was sold, then obviously the balance is incorrect. You can dispute it w/ the CRAs first to see what happens. If it's verified, then dispute directly w/ the OC & remind them of the law. If it's being reported monthly, then something tells me that you aren't going to get a delete from this.

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Tell me what you think please.

I think the that the balance being reported isn't going to make a difference with your score. It's a negative TL regardless of if it's paid or not. I also think, that with this new TL, you are probably stuck with it for quite awhile. The CA is going to be able to stick it to you a lot easier. I think you should let sleeping dogs lie and try again after the SOL expires or they come after you with the first dunning letter or with a judgement. Good luck with whatever you do.

Oh yeah, you can try a PFD, but with it being that new you have no leverage. They can easily take you to court and win full judgement and garnishment priviledges.

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