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garnishment of husbands wages over wifes debt

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Exactly, they cannot touch YOUR wages for HER debt. You need to appeal that garnishment ASAP and then go to the hearing.

What kind of debt are we talking about here ?


she is covered my insurance. thats how they got my info.

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Yes, medical expenses are a different animal. Most states adhere to a 'doctrine of necessaries' , meaning each spouse is responsible for debts incurred for the 'necessities fo living' - like healthcare, shelter, food, etc. It is based on old English common law in the days when wives were more like property than partners and husbands were bound to support them and provide for their everyday needs.

Unfortunately, most states, if not all, still have this 'doctrine' in their laws and it can have a nasty effect on families.

The question is, can they actually garnish wages for a judgment that is only against the wife ? You need to ask a lawyer.

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