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My first success (I hope)


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Hi guys,

About 2 weeks ago I sent out all my certified letters to the CA's and 2 of the CRA's (disputed 1 CRA online before I knew better). Anyway, I recieved my first response last week from Midland wanting me to send them a bunch of information. NOT happening!! Even if I still had the information I am not about to do their job for them.

My second response was from Genesis Financial Solutions and reads:

This letter is in response to your recent inquiry. You requested all written documentation available to substantiate Genesis Financial Solutions, Inc.'s claim against the account referenced above.

We are unable to obtain the original application or other related documents. The account has been cancelled and notification has been sent to the the three major reporting agencies, as applicable, to remove our information from your credit profile.

If there are further questions blah blah blah.....

So if I am reading and understanding this correctly I can file this away as done, over, finished and my first victory over a CA. YAY! xdancex

This one was WAY to easy.

If I am wrong please be gentle in bursting my bubble :lol:

Mar. '07

Equifax 584

Trans. 628

Exp. 588

May '07

Equifax 597

Trans. 607

Exp. 616

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Come on IHATE.... :) :) :)

be nice :D

It's possible that it will be sold or sent to another CA.

My guess is that it won't be because, if the CA didn't have the docs, they would have just ordered them from the OC.

My guess is that the OC doesn't have them either, thus nothing left to turn over to another CA.

BUT.... if it is turned to another CA... s/he can DV within the 30 day timeframe.

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