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Ready to pay off....need a check list for my settlement letter!

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I am currently in the position to pay off a balance on an acct with Citibank...or I should say with the CA "representing" them! It's a law firm! They served me a summons awhile ago..have not received the court date....yet! YUK! I have made a couple of payments but want to now be done with it and pay it off.

Since it's a major no-no to call a CA...what do I say in a letter...what do I ask for in an agreement? When do I send them the money? I really appreciate Admin's Debt Settlement letter and Notice of Dismissal from the "sticky"....I just don't know what's appropriate for someone like myself to write in a letter. (I don't want to appear like I don't know what I'm talking about...even though I really don't...but they don't know that! :lol:

I know I want to pay it off, have the complaint dismissed and/or remove motion for summary judgement.........and what else? That's basically my question. I am sooooo lame at this stuff! I just don't want to send them (CA) a letter and agreement attached and miss something and have "mail" going back and forth endlessly. I want to get them to agree the first time and then send them the money..... AND THEN.........be done with it once and for all.........

So, any thoughts? Any samples to look at? Any Help?!?!


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Thanks so much for taking the time to help me. I will definately use that site..however...for two other "accounts" that I will be needing to settle soon.

This particular account I am posting about concerns my need to write a letter to an attorney telling him I will pay the balance we agreed on, now and in full,...HOWEVER.....I want them to drop the complaint and/or motion for a summary judgement.

My question is...how do I form that in a letter....what EXACTLY do I need to put in the letter/settlement agreement, so that the case is dismissed and/or motion is dropped and any other legal or court "thing" that I need to mention.

I don't know court proceedures, nor the proceedure a collection agency takes once they serve a person with a summons. I just don't want to pay this off and then find myself in court for some "hidden" reason, find some type of judgement on my CR. Am I making sense?

BOTTOM LINE....I want to pay this off, and I want to ensure they will stop any and all proceedures now and in the future...


Thanks, Newsong

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Before you sent them any money, did you know that you owe this debt and was it within the statue of limitations? In Arizona, if you make payments on an old debt, you reset the SOL! :( You should check this site for sample letters to use for your settlement. The one thing you definitely want is for it to be removed otherwise it will stay on your credit report for years even though it states that it's "paid". :evil:

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