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A small success- I'll take 'em where I find 'em


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Got a letter back yesterday from Experian in response to the first round of disputes we sent out for my dh. Two of the 4 accounts disputed were deleted, one lists as "remains" and one isn't listed at all. The two deletes were nice to see, though- one is for an ancient medical bill and the other is a CC/CO that is also being reported by another company. We're having some trouble tracking that one down- it's being reported as sold/zero balance by both companies on his CR. I don't know where it's been sold to or how much is owed on it, when the DOFD is, etc. I also realize that there's a good chance it'll resurface, and that it could be reinserted later, but I'll take every opportunity to do a happy dance that comes along, y'know?

Also, if it's been sold to another CA, that extends the paper trail that much more and hopefully will make our job a little easier.

So far I've had much more success with repairing things on HIS CR than on mine, but like I said, I'll take the good news where ever it comes from.


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