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Capitol One three questions


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ok in 1997 my husband had a stroke and passed I have been trying to clean up my credit reports and have done ok with all of your help. I am now working on Capitol one and from what I have been reading it is not going to be easy. I actually went through every piece of paperwork I have to find anything on them, payment statments etc and just do not have anything but I have moved and it may have gotten thrown out.

Here is what my report looks like

Cap 1 Trans Union 41217414049

Balance High TU 1,151.00

Date Verified 4/2007

Pay Status Payment after

Activity description

Acct Type Revolving

Date of last activity

Last reported

Reported Since

Balance 0

Date open 03/1997

Date closed 3/2003

Date Paid 10/2003


Bal 1,151

ver 4/2007

Status Paid Chargeoff

Activity Paid

Type Revolving

Date of last activity 9/2002

Last reported 4/2006

Reported since 4/2005

Date opened 3/1997

Date closed 3/2003

Date paid 11/2003


Bal 1151

ver 4/2007

Status charge off 1,151 collectionwritten off CO March 2006 150 days, Feb 2006 120 days, Jan 2006 90 days, Dec 2005 60, Nov 30

My questions are 1. Trans Union is saying I paid after it was charged off I am guessing around 11/2003 but I can't find how much I paid and who I paid it to. If I contact them will I be opening a bag of worms I can't handle right now.

2. Am I just reading this incorrectly? because if I did pay them in 11/2003 why is Experian showing the dates as unpaid.

3. Is it just saying I paid because they sold it to a JDB and they have not contact me.

Any suggestions you can give will be helpful

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Have you been with the same bank since then? If so, order the statements for Oct. and Nov 2003 and see if there is a payment to Crap One. If not, it may be that they have sold/transferred the debt. Does it say that anywhere on your CRs? (SOLD/TRANSFERRED) Usually, Crap One does their own collections and doesn't sell them out to JDBs. Just been my past experience w/them and can't speak for their practices as of now. My dealings with them were in 05.

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Great idea looks like my brain was not working called the bank paid the 1.00 for each month and should have them in a day or two.

Thinking back then it may not be on a bank statement I did get a lot of bank checks to pay off things once the life insurance was settled. I guess I will hope for the best

No nothing said about sold/transfered on TU only closed by credit grantor same with EQ and EX

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Thinking back then it may not be on a bank statement I did get a lot of bank checks to pay off things once the life insurance was settled. I guess I will hope for the best

Maybe they have records of those too. Worth a shot. If they do, bam. Dispute. Have you already disputed these? If not, you need to. If only for the reason of inaccuracies being reported. It may be that it hasn't been updated on EX as paid and will be updated after dispute. If they show paid after chargeoff, more than likely it was paid and not sold. You could also call Crap 1 and ask. Since their reporting that inaccurately, you might mention that to them. Tell them if they don't correct it immediately, to show paid, you are going to sue them for violations of the FCRA. All depends on how you want to approach it I guess. BTW, I'm sorry for your loss and wish you the best.

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Well went to the bank and picked up the statements no payment to them on either. They are really great been with them for over 30 years. She was not sure how to look up a bank check from that far back but said she would find out and call me back tomorrow.

I have previously disputed them and they keep on coming back verified.

I am apprehensive to call them because I have not heard a thing from them and don't want to open a bag of worms I can't afford but I do think your right I must have paid them something just wish I knew how much

I am going to try and dispute again. No I am not going to sue them unless I have to. My goal is to get some good student loans for twin 18 year olds who are going to college this fall but I have to get the FICO up it's only at 609. Going to sell the house get something small and bank as much as I can so they are not burdened with tons of loans and probably work until I drop.

Going to dispute again and see where it gets me.

Thanks for the condolance we are all doing great now

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