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Quick Question... I searched but could not find answer.


If I did a RE check ( paid the account in full) RE was to delete the TL.

If CA does not delete, I sue in SCC for breach of contract.

Lets say for argument sake that RE checks are UNenforceable in my State

(but I don't know that so I file suit )

What can the CA do?

What repercussions?

I am gambling that the CA will not want to go to court to defend a PIF account, so they will just delete to get me out of their hair.


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First off, you should have checked your state laws on RE checks first.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse and if you file based on that you will not win and most likely will pay the other side's expenses.

You should have gotten this in writing from the CA before paying.

Depending upon CA, disputing the paid acct may not be responded to and you might get a deletion that way. YMMV

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I know what I 'should' have done now.

but that doesn't change what I did do.

This was a while back.. before finding this board.

I don't need a scolding... I need to know what

may or may not happen if I take this to court.

I thought I did my research, was given misinformation.

I did at least try to be informed.


As it stands now,

I plan on taking this to Small Claims Court.

Besides that, RE checks are not enforceable

when a dollar amount is being disputed,

this is not a dollar amount dispute and

may be covered under a different area

of the law that I don't know about.

I'll let a judge decide the enforceability of my claim.

Also, my hope is that the CA will just delete it and not go to court,

because, like like they say 'court is a crap shoot'.

So.... is the worse case scenario? .... that I pay their court fees...


I'll risk it... I want this OFF - it's that only baddie on my CR.

Oh, and just for the record.. the CA is in Wash State, so Cali's RE laws may not apply.

In fact, maybe someone here could tell me who's laws apply. The State where I live, or the State they do business?

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