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Having a hard time containing myself...

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Recently I've paid off all of my debits other then the mortgage and truck loan... Needless to say I had about 5 or 6 CC's that I paid off and closed... Paid off a timeshare that we own and a couple of other things not on my report... Well my scores (this is according to TrueCredit.com) jumped significantly... I went from around 590-600 to 644/618/657 and now I've gotten some good offers finally... The sub-prime offers that used to come in the mail every other day have virtually stopped!!! WaMu (I've had this card since 1999 when it was Providian) just did a CLI of $1,000 after declining me for one just 45 or so days ago, they did this automatically. I've also gotten a Chase Freedom card with a $4,000 limit as well... Polaris also gave me a card with a $7,500 limit... Now I need to convince my wife that I really do need a 4 wheeler!!! LOL...

I closed 3 capital one cards and 2 household cards that I can thing of off the top of my head... My wife closed one cap one and orchard... I've added her as an AU to my WaMu and Chase and she has her own cards with her name on them... I assume this will also show on her report too is my hope... :D

Well my wife and I bought our house 1 year ago, its new construction and there is NO landscaping... I applied with WaMu and Citi (Citi has our mortgage) for home equity lines of credit/loans and am waiting on responses... We'd use that money to do our landscaping and if I can get a high enough loan also pay off the truck. That is with roadloans and I'm getting HOSED on the interest rate... I wonder when I should try to refi that... I also applied with Discover (for a card) and am waiting to hear from them as well...

Anyway to my point... I keep reading about people getting approved for all this stuff and I have a hard time not applying for all of them myself... If I could get a decent line of credit from Patelco that could finish our landscaping too... And the Hooters MC well, just so I could say I have one basically!!! LOL...

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Didn't want to pay the fee's on them some monthly, but most yearly... I didn't see the need to pay out that $400-500 a year for the cards that I wasn't going to use again... Most of the TL on them were only 2-5 years old... Always paid on time... My score overall is still higher than it was so I'm happy... I'm sure it will all level out after a bit and recover from them closing...

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