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CA after medical bills from accident w/letter of protection


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I was in a car accident in 1998. I have some medical bills for periods where I did not have health insurance. The doctor has a letter of protection signed by me and by an attorney I hired at the time of my accident. The treatments I received were due to the injuries caused by the accidnet. My case for the accident didn't go anywhere. The person that hit me had nothing and left the country. Do the letters of protection stand after the SOL has passed? Do letters of protection have an "expiration date" or anything like it? I have a CA after me for this money and I am preparing send the DV letter to them. I am not going to metion anything about the letter of protection to the CA in the letter but......What if they come back to me with the letter of protection? The accident and the doctors are in Florida, I now live in North Carolina. Thank you in advance!

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