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Clear Your Bank Accounts Asap

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Discover card sued via Bishop/white etc. was told by Nat credit assn member attorney to agree to Stipulated judgment as I had "no defense", I had used the card, incurred the debt etc..

I had a card issued in husbands name BUT he never authorized it, signed it, or used it.. ANd they reported charge off to his credit report which tanked his credit score. DIdn't file court against him - I Asked attorney to agree to judgement if they cleared husbands credit report. they didn't. Attoreny said that the judgement would be a lein against our house until we refinanced etc.. but couldnt refinance as they had reported falsely against my husbands credit report.. and tanked his credit score.. so trying to DV and dispute his credit report.

was told to get some money together so attorney could negotiate -"try to get reduced lump sum settlement or payment arrangements" on judgement and pay attorney - finally sold something larger, which was going to cover some attorneys fees, and catch me up and allow me to get my hair done so I don't look like an unkempt homeless street beggar.. and without any notice TODAY Discover placed a hold/garnished my checking account. wiped out the money for house payment, medical bills etc- living expenses, nothing left for groceries, utilities, gas - NADA NOTHING.. all outstanding checks will be returned and I will get charged mega bank fees.

DISCOVER were just lurking out there waiting for a larger balance in the checking account - didn't bother when it was under 1000. -, like before making house payment???. With garnishments they have to leave something for the person to "live On".. THIS DOESN"T SEEM RIGHT/FAIR - was trying to avoid bankruptcy but at least would have had some money for food..

SO WORD OF WARNING TO ANYBODY GOING THOUGH THIS> DON"T HAVE ANY money in the BANK.!! the CA's are just lurking waiting to wipe you out .

don't care if you don't have medicines, if the money wasn't yours etc..

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I wish I had some advice at this point but I don't. I'm extremely sorry that the CAs and Discover are so heartless and uncaring. I hope you can find a way to recoup the loss and make them sorry they ever messed with you. I guess I do have some advice. Almost every state has legal aid for those that can't afford it and they may be able to help you out. Good luck to you and your family, I hope it all turns around for you.

Here is a link I found that may be able to help.


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Only for the fee the bank may charge to handle the garnishment.

If you only have 2.17 in the account. That is all the creditor is going to get. However (that actually happened to me) the bank nailed me with a 75 dollar fee for "handling" the garnishment. I brought them their 75 dollars and 27 dollar overdraft fee and closed the account.

that was 6 years ago and that creditor has never tried to garnish a account again. It costs money to garnish and I guess the reward of 2.17 was a bit of a insult to them.

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I realize they got this checking acct number as I have had it 10+yrs and used it to pay on this credit card. SO clear that checking acct asap if you are in dispute with CA or JDB.

BUt if I set up another checking account can they locate it.. or does it show up on credit reports?.. to CAs' etc.. saw in a post on buddhibbbs site that some JDB send out little checks as something else, hoping creditor will deposit it so they can get creditors checking account #. Or do I have to use CASH only for the rest of my life. The amount that they stipulated judgmeent is double what I originally owed and mounting at 20% interest.

Also anyone know of a NACA attorney in portland oregon that actually will do something besides tell you "you owe it, so accept judgement-its cheaper or pay us a % of settlement fee to negotiate settlement when you have some money like 1/2 what is owed.. " even on accounts that have gone to JDB's and the JDB's haven't validated debt. by the way attorney office when I asked why they didn't tell me to clear cking etc and how can they do this without notification, just said "we told you, you didn't understand, blah blah, and yes they can do this, we weren't talking with them because you didn't have any money to work with (ie pay us)

.. If I had that kind of money I would have made my payments

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if you can't make any payments, what is the attorney supposed to do for you? What good would have it done for him to negotiate a settlement fro you if you could not abide by it? And should he do it for free? Do you or your husband give away your labor?

Discover did not lurk about waiting for you to put money in a bank account. It doesn't work that way. It was probably a happy coincidence ( for them) that they sent out an execution on your bank account and you had money in it.

As far as I read, you had no defense to the action to begin with. You used your husband's name and credit to get a card ( did he know?) then something happened and you fell behind. How old was the judgment when you talked to the lawyer?

Look at it this way. You are that much closer to getting this off your back.

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Well most of the money wiped out by Discover was to go to the attorney including addl fees for this attorney, already had paid $1000 in for which I got the "accept judgement" and the wrong information that the judgement would sit as a lien on the house until the attorney could negotiate with them. was told to get things sold, refinance etc.. and was working on it.

I was a 6fig executive, I was organizationally enhanced during downsizng. I was trying to sell some valuable horses and person decided to "convert" them to their own use - legal term for theft, instead of training & selling as originally agreed/contracted.. When I tried to get the horses and pay the person for their non-effort in "training & selling" the person assualted me. I spent $35,000 in attorneys fees to get the horses back and to get a judgement against the person for the "conversion & assault". My attorney for that case failed to file the appropriate motion for legal fees on the "replevin" - return of my property at the right time, and failed to file against the phychos husband who owned the business.. Phycho was judgement proof.. guess you have to be an attorney to know if your attorney is filing the right motions against the right people, but still have to pay their fees..

so totally broke, buried in debt, horse ruined and valueless in the 9mths phycho did what she wanted with him, and unable to work an 8hr desk job due to injuries from assualt.

- I expected to win and get a judgement including the $35k in attorneys fees and get back a horse that should/would have been worth 100K+ if not ruined, but can't get "awarded" for what the horse may have been. and the first payment you miss the credit card companies up the interest & up the min payments..

I am sure most folks intend to pay their debts, work for life to do so, and most have hardship, loss of job, loss of spouse, losses in general.. most folks aren't deadbeats.. but with interest rates at 29% and min payments there is no way to ever get out of the credit card hell..

I wonder how many people committ suicide due to the depression from the harassment the collection attorneys enjoy inflicting. Guess you are one?

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