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can this Collection Agency take money from my bank account

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I have a few questions about what I can do about this situation. This morning I noticed a weird charge on my Wachovia account for $105. I promptly phoned them and was told that it was from a collection agency working on behave of Wachovia. Apparently, my wife had a Transouth, whom Wachovia aquired, account some 7-8 years ago. This was way prior to us being married. This account, as they state it, was closed with a negative balance. They are saying the collection agency had a right to garnish said balance from our joint bank account. I curious on whether or not this is legal. I can't she how they can one, take money from a different account to pay another without permission and/or a judgement. Second, regardless how can they take money from an account with my name on it, as we were unmarried at the time of the past account. If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

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have u checked your wifes cr. reports lately...or your local court to see if indeed a default judgement is filed on her...

next i would call the bank...are u primary on this account...and would let them no that this withdrawal is in dispute and they need to put the money back immediately...unless they have legal paper work to show otherwise.

i would also immeidately close that account and open a new account in your name only at another bank...let your wife also open a small one, just so she can get a debit card...i always request 2 cards on the primary account...yours also...so she can withdraw through an atm...if needed..she needs to know the pin number though in order to do so...also do not tell the bank its for your wife...just say i want two cards...i keep one at home and one on me...

i would also read rules of civil procedure...for your state see what form you can file to have this stayed...if no paper work is with the bank...hope this helps...

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