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One Victory ...Urgent Help with One More Battle


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Good Evening...hope those of you in the US are having a lovely memorial day weekend.


I had one delete this yesterday -- an NCO/99 collection (allegedly owed to Suntrust Bank). I DV'd them last week again, then went ahead and disputed with the CRAs. Exactly a day after I received my greencard, Experian and Equifax deleted the entries. I am now waiting for TU to clear...Hurrayyyy for now. The entry is still with ChexSystems, hence I might try to deal with the OC (Suntrust bank) directly to deal with that.

Also, I have settled a default judgement brought by my former landlord, and waiting for the records to be updated as settled (I have already disputed with the CRAs, though I have not sent them my copy of "Satisfaction of Judgement Record)


Now, I have a delinquent FirstPremierBank (FPB) credit card Account that is currently in collections with "Academy Collections". The balance is $400. FPB still reports it on my CRAs. AcademyCollections is not reporting it.

I DVd Academy Collections about two months ago, and they sent me mailed 7 months of credit card bills as evidence of validation. I also disputed the enteries with the CRAs citing incorrect balance.

Only Equifax wrote back indicating that:

"The status of this account has been updated. The prior paying history on this account has been updated. Additional information has been provied from the original source regarding this item. For additional infomration, contact the original source at 605-357-3440."

I never heard back from the TU an EXP regarding the investigation.

Possible Action

This account is not more than 3 years old. I would prefer to have the TL deleted, ASAP as I am about to start applying for an apartment, and the collection might affect me.

-- I am thinking of sending another DV to Academy Collections -- but I am not sure if there is any point to it, since they have not reported the item to the CRA.

-- Alternatively, I want to dispute with the CRAs again, reporting incorrect balances, and see if they can re-investigate.

-- Ultimately, send a GW letter to FPB, and offer a PIFD (payment in full for delete).

Which of these possible courses of action would you recommend/advice..

Thanks for all your support and have a very good night.

regards, Y

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I am thinking of sending another DV to Academy Collections -- but I am not sure if there is any point to it, since they have not reported the item to the CRA.

So, only FPB is reporting, correct? If so, call FPB to see if you can work out PFD with them and make Academy go away forever. Make sure to get everything in writing. Once the account is paid, dispute it a few months down the road and hope for delete. At least it will show paid w/OC and keep Academy from reporting. JMHO. Good luck.

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