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Monthly Payments for secured Card

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I have poor credit so I'm looking to get and secured card from First Premiere. I'm aware of the charges that are incured from just participating but I'm having a difficult time finding out how much my monthly payment will be if I don't use the card at all one I recieve it. Could someone please let me know what it would be and is this card worth it. Also, what about canceling it after better cards are aquired?

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Forget 1st Prem... their fees are WAY to high...

you give them $300 and after all the fees you end up with like

$124 credit line.

go with Orchard Bank or BoA instead.

As far as your payments... depends on your balance... I think the 'terms' tells you, no? my guess is 12% of the balance, was never too concerned about it myself, they are never that high.

cancel- sure, you can, get the new cards, make several payments and them cancel just before the annual fee kicks in again.

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