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Got a car,high interest, howto refi?

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I recently was able to purchase a new car,2006 model but I had to put 4,000 down, my old car and my payments are still almost 500.00 amonth. The people with good credit are getting this car for half this price a month thru advertising at the dealer and I'd like to know the best way to go about refinancing. I've made the 1st 4 payments on time and will continure to do so. My bad credit was due to foreclosure on my home 3 years ago and unpaid credit cards in 2002 when my husband was ill. I still owe the credit cards but they should fall off in 2009 and the house of course has 4 more years. I am beseiged daily w/credit card offers that I ignore and shred, I have lived the last 5 years with no creditcards and have no desire to get caught up in that this time. When is too soon to try to get a lower rate? Should I try my credit union? They wouldn't preapprove any $ for the loan so would they possibly refi one? I pulled my credit report and the collection agencies had tried to make the original credit cards seem like theirs but I disputed and recieved word that they had been removed . They listed the original then their attempt to collect with a newer date so I wrote back stating these were all the same accounts and 5 yrs old. The credit bur. removed the collection agency. Any chance of getting a decent refi? Any tips on how long I should wait?

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