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removing yourself as auth user


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You need to have the person that is primary call the OC and remove you. You can try to call the OC and see if they will allow you to do it, but I had to be the one to remove my wife from Crap One. They wouldn't let her do it. Once you're removed, dispute it as not an AU and it will update quicker than if you wait on their sorry a$$es. Good luck.

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If it is a closed account for any reason, I don't believe it will do any good talking to the OC, but it doesn't hurt to try. Having yourself removed as an AU typically only applies to active accounts. Even though it is charged off, do they still report it every month to the bureaus?

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failing that,

a quick EAR/ITS letter may be in order...

EAR (Exhaust All Remedies)

It' doubtful they would defend themselves in court

to keep you on as a AU.

That's the beauty of the EAR/ITS letter, you

are betting that it's not worth it for them to

fight it, so they do as requested almost every time.

so long as the 'reward' is nothing, they give in

every time ( at least that's my experience).

Companies are not driven by

'the principle' of it like an individual. they are about

money, either their actions are making them money or

not and if it's not, they don't fight.

Simple math really :rolleyes:


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