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If I place a Fraud alert on EX, can I have it removed soon?

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I know I can place a Fraud Alert (FA) on EX and then request my

inquiries to be deleted..

the question is...

The standard FA stays on 90 days...

I can I request that it be removed, I know that, but

I'm wondering how long does it take them to remove the FA?

a couple days? a couple of weeks?

I'm curious because I need to apply for something in 45 days

and want to have it removed in time for that application.


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Thanks chilton1...

that is good to know, so they still release a CR?

but I'm still curious how long does it take EX to lift the FA?

Yes, they will release a CR. I don't know how long. I think you may have to send in IDs and then they will do it so it will take more than a week. You can call them and ask.

Willing is correct I have a FA on all my reports.

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