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Can this agency collect in TN?


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I am trying to find out if this collection agency is legally able to collect in the state of TN.

I had moved and became a resident of TN a few months before an account was turned over to collections. (Out of a $2000 dental bill, after I made payments and my insurance company made payments, it appears that $48.00 was still remaining that I never knew about because my mail stopped forwarding after so long).

Anyway, the $48.00 is now $181.00 because of fees charged for the collection agency that it appears was not authorized to collect on this debt EVER.

The following link is the information I have found on them and under "Jurisdiction" it has California.

Can anyone give me advice as to what I should try and do?

I disputed this with the OC and they sent it to a grievience committee that said 4 of the letters that were sent to me were returned moved left no forwarding address and so they believe they tried to contact me and that I need to work with Reliant Recovery in order to avoid further collection activity.

The thing is, the early letters they sent me were mailed BEFORE my insurance paid their portion and the 4 letters that were returned to them after I moved was AFTER the insurance paid all but $48.00.


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If you're trying to find out if they are licensed in TN, you may try to call the SOS office. It's here:


State Capitol

Nashville, TN 37243

Phone: (615) 741-2819

They should be able to tell you if they are required to be licensed and bonded in TN.

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