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EX real FICO jumps from 582 to 635!!!

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Posted yesterday about EX driving me crazy because they were showing a current late payment. Finally got hold of a real person today - thanks bigjohnstud - and got them to redispute the item in question after pointing out that it was supposed to be IIB (this was after trying to dispute online and EX telling me to send BK papers, etc to back it up). The lady said she would *try* to expediate it.

Well - just checked my EX report (straight from EX) and the item has been corrected already to IIB... so I figured what the heck - I'll see what that does to my real FICO (I'm a little FICO obsessed right now :) )

On 4/28 it was 566

On 5/15 it was 582

Today it is 635!!!!!

I am meeting my goals - which was to get up over 620 by the end of the summer - so much quicker than I thought I would. Since I'm not much of a dancer all I can say is

xdancex xdancex xdancex xdancex

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Wow that's great!!!

how or what do you do to dispute over the phone? Would you go in to great detail about things or how would you go about it?

Also, if my investigation isn't completed yet, but a few items have came back verified, is it ok to dispute over the phone already?

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I called this number

1-800-509-8495 or this one (can't remember) 1-800-493-1058

I answered "yes" to having a report # and then entered it, then entered last 4 of SS#, then when it started asking if I had a dispute I just said "agent."

When she came on the line, I pointed out that the account in question was IIB and I had already disputed once and didn't understand why it had not been changed. I asked her to look at my report and she would be able to see the BK7 on there so it only made sense that I would have included an account this old - and pointed out that it was a no asset BK7 so all debts were discharged. She told me she would go ahead and put in another dispute and since it had caused me problems she would try to expedite it. The change happened with a couple hours.

That's all I did. Getting through to a real person was the big thing for me. And yes, I already had one dispute on something else still pending and it didn't seem to matter (that one hasn't been resolved yet and is a long shot).

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Unfortunately the BK was in 2005 so it will be there a while, but now I'm working on a judgement that shows up (it was IIB) - disputed with CRA while I get the paperwork to try to have it vacated. There's a couple things due to fall off this summer so it's lookin' pretty good otherwise!

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