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Trans Union deleting history

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I have True Credit for monitoring purposes for all 3 bur. In Feb 2007 I pulled my report after i diputed an item and Trans Union had deleted all entries but one and my score was 775. I had applied for credit before I discovered it and was denied du to lack of credit. I checked it every 2 weeks and after 3 months poof all was back and then some. My score also fell to 620. Has anyone had this happen or what kind of recourse can I do.


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How many inquiries did you do?

Was that score an FICO or FAKO... if FAKO.. don't worry, nobody uses it..

TU FAKO is for entertainment purposes only.


1. search deleting inquiries on this site.

2. get my real FICO's

3. check out my signature, see links:

a> see who pulls what CRA and only apply to companies that will pull your best CR.

b> another one for what score is needed for what card.


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