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When you get served......


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First dont panic o.k.!!!

Now usually in most if not all states you have an opportunity to submit your answer(reason you believe you dont owe or it should be dismissed)file that with the collection agency and court immediatedly. People get judgements simply because they ignore the court notice out of fear dont be one of them! Now go through your record and try to figure out when your first deliquent if it 6 years ago depending on your state the collection cant sue therefore case must be dismissed because it is out of statue!! Also check if they sent you verification that you indeed owe the money and they have the right to collect. If they have not validated BEFORE filing a case against you the lawsuit must be dismissed. Federal Debt Collections Practices makes it clear that collection agencies must validate before taking you to court. You will inform the collections company that you intend to inform the judge that they didnt validate as required by fdcp and request the case be dismissed!! You will be o.k.!!

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