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how long do chp 7 BK disharged accounts


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stay on yoru report? is it the 7 year deal? i have several of these types as noted below.....

they don't have any info regarding account, aren't these easily disputable? say no knowledge of account argument?

COMPASS#22 (Individual)

Credit Grantor Contact Information

Not on record

Account Number 6898XXXX

Account Type Unknown

Credit Limit

(High Credit)

Minimum Monthly Payment (Terms) $0

Date Opened March, 2001

Date of Last Activity October, 2002


Last Report on May, 2007

Balance Current status Past Due Amount

Included in Bankruptcy

Recent Payment History

Seven Year Payment History

30 days late: 0 60 days late: 0 90+ days late: 0

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would that letter go something like this?




<CRA Address>


Re: obsolete a/c

I just pulled a copy of my credit report and noticed that your agency is reporting an obsolete debt. I was not aware of this until now, and under my rights under the FDCPA, I request that you remove this debt.



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