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being sued in michigan.

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hello all. i would appreciate any information you guys can share with me. i am new to the site and i dont mean to reiterate common questions but im gonna put down everything i know so to give you guys the full scope of things. i am being sued in civil court over a debt from a DC.i never verified it in fact i dont know if iever received a letter from them.the bought my account in11-06.i received documents for appearnce in court in 3-06.I am currently awaiting the ending of the palintiffs discovery period which end this month. the documents they gave me said the account was closed on 2-01.they also state the OC received a payment from me on 5-01.i also jusut received an interrogatory from them the other day as well. I would appreciate any insight and assistance anyone might be able to provide

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What was the debt for? Is it yours? Did you send OC payment 5-01? If you did't send payment to OC that's usally a flag someone updated your account to say that. They do that sometimes to re age the debt for legal recourse against you. Look at the complaint closely, any affidavits from OC supporting claims such as signed contract accounting statments etc. Check below here are your states sol's

Michigan Statutes of Limitation

Breach of Contract: 6 years, (MCL 600.5807(8).

Breach of Contract for Sale of goods under the UCC: 4 years: including deficiency actions following repossession and sale of goods subject to a security interest, (MCL 440.2725(1).

Judgments: 10 years, but are renewable by action for another 10 years, MCL.600.5809(3).

NOTE: Another state's limitation period may apply check statutes carefully.

Just my opinion, I am not a lawyer nor do I give legal advice.

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