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Confirm my plan of attack

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After spending countless hours on this wonderful website, realizing all of these amazing people with so much knowledge, please confirm that I am on the right track!

I am attempting to help my daughter clean up her credit.

(2) CA entries $68 and $52 for bounced checks. Past Due 3/2005 - 4/2005

FORD CREDIT Status Paid.Closed/Account charged off $9,783 written off as of 10/2006 Original CL $13,853 (they are not reporting the cut the CA took off the payoff) I have the lien release showing $13,853 settled

NCOP FIN/99(Originally Citibank) Status CA $1021 past due as of 4/2007 Original CL$656

Following the flow chart: My first step is to start with DV on all of these items with the Big 3?

Thank you in advance for your suggestions:)++

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Today is a glorius day! I have read for hours on this website on how to settle someones debts. Debt validation WORKS! Follow the recommendations! Today I got the letter from NCOP that they had closed this account, and were notifying the Big 3 to delete this entry. xdancex What some others have said about NCOP is true. Keep good records, send the letters, wait for them not to respond and threaten to sue.

My daughter is thrilled with this success. I have to admit after suffering in tyranny myself for 11 years waiting the old fashioned way to get my credit score back up to 780 I wish I had known about this for me.

Thanks to all for sharing your ideas, comments, and suggestions.

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