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NCO DV anyone ever receive TRUE validation ?

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ok thanks for replies

they keep calling a relative of mine asking for me. i sent them certified DV request....also telling them they must communicate with me in writing only and stop harassing my relatives. after they received my letter, they called my relative again on memorial day!

they responded to my request for validation saying they needed more info....they were unable to locate my account! they wanted my ss#, my account number blah blah blah. im not providing them with sh#t!...they are the ones claiming they have an account of mine. i have never personally received one thing from them in writing or via my phone. and my relative has told them over and over there is no one there by my name.

i did just email this lisa signore there that i found in a thread on here saying they signed for my letter yet they continue to harass my relatives i will report them to the AG and FTC and consider filing against them. she responded with they need the phone number of my relative they are calling. i am reluctant to give it to her but obviously they cant find anything on me. what a bunch of idiots.


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I emailed Lisa @ NCO about an account she responded back asking for my address - which i gave to her - i received in the mail the other day a letter from her stating that the account was closed and they have contacted the CRA to have the negative removed but they did not have my ss# - i check my reports the same day i got the letter and the account has been deleted....woohooo...go me!!!

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Okay heres the update on my NCO saga.

DV'd them...got letter saying account is from Crap1 for $XXXX and that they are requesting validation from their client Crap1.

One month later....I get another letter from them saying client is unable to produce validating docs so they are closing acct.

What A'holes. Im so sick of these BS bottom feeders. How can they continue to try and harass and collect debts they dont even own or cannot prove? I wish there was more we could do to them.

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