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Goodwill Letter to Target - What y'all think?


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hey everyone - I've got a goodwill letter I'm going to E-mail to Target Head-honchos...just wondering if i could get some feedback from you.

Story is I was contacted by their collections ppl a long time ago, and paid a settlement with the (verbal of course) agreement all neg's would be deleted from my CR. Of course - they aren't.

What do y'all think:

Dear Sir:

I’m sorry to have to bother you with what may seem to you as a trivial matter, but I have no other options. I am writing to you with regard to an old Target charge card I opened in one of your stores. Circumstances beyond my control at that time prevented me from making timely payments to my account, and my account was sent to your collections department. When contacted by them, I made arrangements to pay in a timely manner with the agreement that the listing on my credit report would change to “Pays as Agreed”, with no derogatory remarks or mention of collections. I promptly paid the settlement offer and felt good about doing the right thing, even though it took a little longer than I would have liked to rectify that situation.

I pulled my credit report recently when I was denied credit for an auto loan, and I was very surprised when I found all three of my credit reports showed negative information on the account. Each entry on each credit report says “Bad Debt/Collection” or “settlement accepted for less than full balance”. I believe this derogatory information is the very thing that kept me from obtaining the auto loan I requested.

Please, I would be very appreciative if you would honor the original agreement I had with your Customer Service Supervisor and delete all negative information from my credit reports.

If you do not have my account information any longer (and I don’t blame you, as Target is such a large company), please advise me of this as well, as I would like to keep all documentation of correspondence and account information for future reference, should the need arise.

Thank you for your time, understanding, and willingness to help a loyal Target customer in this matter.


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If you do not have my account information any longer (and I don’t blame you, as Target is such a large company), please advise me of this as well, as I would like to keep all documentation of correspondence and account information for future reference, should the need arise

This sounds a little like you're packin' stuff away for a later lawsuit to me. My past experiences w/OCs is, they will send a letter regardless of the outcome. You may not need that particular paragraph in there. Other than that, it sounds good to me.

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well.....*innocent grin* I can't help what other people think.... :p

I'm not. But i just want something besides an E-mail from these guys.

Does anyone know any other Email addy's besides the Chairman's?

RJ.Ulrich@target.com is the only one I've found that works (appears to anyhow - it doesn't give me delivery failure like the others do)....

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I sent 2 GW letters to Target.

No response.

I send an Email to Terrence Scully. terrence.scully@target.com

No response.

I too tracked down Bob Ulrich's Email address and tried it. Finally got a written response of no.

I searched over on CB and found this.


Sent a GW letter to Barbara Waltz last week. Watching and waiting.

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So I send a GW Email to Barbra Waltz and this is what I get back....

Dear Amerikaner83

I apologize for the delay in responding to your e-mail, it has taken

longer than I had planned to pull archive notes on your account.

I could not find any notes to indicate that we made an arrangement with

you to remove your negative reporting from the credit bureau reporting.

I did find that we advised you that the "charge off, settled for less

than full balance", would remain on your credit bureau report for seven

years from the date of charge off. Your account was reported to the

credit bureaus December 13, 2002 as a bad debt.

Should you wish you can dispute this with the credit bureaus at the


Experian Trans Union Equifax

PO Box 2002 PO Box 1000 PO Box 740241

Allen, TX 75013 Chester, PA 19022 Atlanta, GA 30374

(888) 397-3742 (800) 888-4213 (800) 685-1111

Should you have further questions or concerns please, call 800-757-0094.

Barbara Waltz

Target Financial Service, an affiliate of Target National Bank

Anything I can do from here? She's the only one who has responded thus far. Also sent emails to Bob and Lisa...no response from them

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I would respond to her....

"Ma'am, I appreciate your prompt reply. The honest truth of the matter is that I cannot control what is entered in your system by what is potentially an employee with questionable integrity.

Please understand that I was never informed that 'settled for less than full amount' or any derrogatory information would appear on my credit bureau. In fact, I was most absolutely counseled to the contrary - that my credit bureau would list as Pays as Agreed.

I feel violated and cheated. I believed all Target employees to possess a high integrity level. I had no reason to believe that what I was being told by a Target employee was false and that they would actually work to the contrary. I feel hurt because the actions of one of your employees makes it seem as though I am a liar.

Why would I have written you after such an extended period (obviously I have not been getting copies of my credit report) unless I had a valid reason to believe the information on my account was not being reported as agreed?

I am asking you to please reconsider.

----something like that.

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Did you also dispute with the credit bureau. She did say you should dispute with the credit bureau. If she/target intends to verify there would be no point in telling you to dispute. I think that they will not verify this time.

Just my thought.

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Does anyone else have any experience or luck using this approach?

This seems very simliar to the Doctrine of Estoppel which was posted on this board before. I'm not sure if I should be using something similar to this for my paid charge off's, which are only about six months old.


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