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Possible Reasons for Negative...aren't they the same thing?

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This is from Experian. Now can anyone explain the difference between the two reasons listed as "Possible Negatives"? They sound like the same thing to me, but maybe I'm just dense.

  • The available credit across your open credit card accounts is too low. Having low available credit amounts on credit card accounts has a negative impact on your credit score. (BP)

  • Your report shows that the ratio of balances-to-credit-limits across your open revolving accounts, such as a credit card, is too high. Having a high proportion of balances to credit limits on revolving accounts has a negative impact on your credit score. (RT)

Thanks for any clarification!

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Don't take those 'reasons' so literally. They are standardized and most of the time, they don't fit at all.

The system is set up to spit out a 'reason' anytime there is a deduction (there are ALWAYS deductions). The software searches and finds the closest one, out of only 5 or 6, that fits the situation even if it doesn't apply to you.

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