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Authorized user..it's a bit long :(

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This is the story in a nut shell...

About 11 years ago, I (CJ) and Mario applied for a credit card (MBNA). I thought I was an authorized user and he was the main account holder. We had been living together and after he moved out, I continued to receive bills but I forwarded them to him for payment. Payments were made by him (from his various bank accounts, which Bank of America claims the payments were in my name even though they were from his bank accounts) until 10/06 (this is on file and noted with MBNA/Bank of America). In 10/06, MBNA sells the credit card to Bank on America. Bank of America then contacts me claiming the account is past due. Long story short, it wasn't. Mario was making payments with his mother's bank account and Bank of America was rejecting the payments because they were in her name and not in mine or in his name (this is on file and noted with Bank of America). Fast forward a few months and guess what, Mario stops making payments and disappears. I can't reach him. The letters and calls begin from Bank of America. I call Bank of America and explain the situation and they state that I AM THE MAIN ACCOUNT HOLDER AND HE WAS AN AUTHORIZED USER (THE ACCOUNT WASN"T EVEN JOINT!!!) I ask for a copy of the original application in an attempt to see who is who on this account. They say the original application records are no longer available because it is past 7 years and they don't have to keep them once the 7 years are up. IS THIS TRUE? I still say the account is his and they say it is mine. They have all the records/notes showing the payments were made from bank accounts that I don't have. They have multiple notes from him calling in and asking for account information and payment information. I have given them his contact info and they say they will attempt to contact him, but that I am still ultimately responsible. Any ideas out there? Does the Bank of America have to provide me a copy of the original credit card application? I can't even claim fraud, because the police want this application also. Thanks for you input in advance.......CJ

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