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How to word the DV letter without giving away too much info?


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This is in reference to a letter I got from a CA in California about an old MBNA account. Last payment was late 2001, charged off in early 2002.

SOL here in WA is either 6 or 3 years, apparently depending on which person you ask.

The original credit limit was $1500. This letter claims the amount is $2500 plus interest of $3500.

I want to DV but not admit this is my debt, while at the same time questioning the amount, and also referring to the possible SOL having passed.

He also included a little paragraph saying they will make an adverse credit reprt to a CRA if I don't fulfill the terms of my obligation, blah, blah, blah.

This is already on my CR, can they put the same thing on there twice?

What's the best way to word a response?

I particularly question the interest amount. None of the other accounts have anything remotely close to this tacked on, in fact, the other, spearate MBNA account only has about $160 in interest tacked on.

BTW this CA doesn't seem to be an attorney.

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I've used the sample on this board with success...of course, don't use it word for word! Tailor it to what you need. For example, I moved to a different state so I put in my DV "show me you are licensed to collect in my state"...got rid of a CA that way. Use what you need.

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