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If OC is no longer reporting- PT 2

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I just came across an old CR from 1999 and 1998. Each of these reports show that my BESTBUY (yes the battle rages on) was bought under

Bankone/BB - noy GEMB/BB. GEMB claims I opened it with them and I knew it to be untrue. Should I send a copy to the CBs to show that the OC is

no longer listing. My orig. card says BOne on it.

Now the tricky part-the old CRs list the account opened in 1997 like GEMB

but DOLA in 1999. GEMB says we made a payment to them in 2004 but refuse to validate.

Has anyone run into this sticky= GEMB buys from BOne sells the acoount to

Arrow. When I ask for validation they say call arrow as we have no info on that account-we gave it to Arrow. Arrow says we have no info on that account call GEMB if you need more.:confused:

I did get arrow off of TU and it is being reinvest. by EQ. wish me luck

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