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B of A approved me?!

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I've been trying to get a real prime card for a while now, and have obtained the following

1100 Hooters

1750 Us Airways Juniper

500 Carnival Cruise Juniper

500 Geico Mastercard

I tried Wamu, Chase, Capital One and B of A and have been turned down numerous times (b of a turned me down 2 weeks ago)

I recently bought a car through Bank of America, and decided to open a checking account with them to see if I liked them ($25 opening deposit, lowest i've seen for a checking acount)....two days after I opened the checking account I called customer service looking for help with online banking and the lady offered me a B of A Platinum Plus visa with a 1500$ limit. I thought she was going to run my credit, but she said I was already approved, so I signed myself up. No annual fee, 0% for 6 months on purchases and balance transfers, after that %11.24.

I don't understand why they gave it to me, my Fico's dont warrant it (TU-685, EXP-644, EQ-735), as they pulled experian and i have many collections still showing on that report. Maybe it has to do with the other accounts I've opened with them, whow knows, i'm not going to complain.....so maybe it's worth a shot for you guys.

Now i'm off to dump Orchard, and set my sights on that AMEX i've been dreaming about.

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