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Nco & Hippa


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Help...I review my CR today and NCO reinserted...the last thing i received from them was a letter stating that they was going to delete and the accounts was closed...that letter was dated 5/29/2007...i did check report when i received letter ...NCO gone...however today it reappeared ...

Original Creditor: "MyCity" ER Services PC??? There is no hospital in my area with that name…

I received a bill from them with the orginal creditor "MyCity" ER Services ~PO Box 827437, Philadelphia, PA??? Don't live in Philadelphia...we have 2 hospital of which neither does billing out of Pa...I believe they don't even have the orginal creditors name nor information...

I believe the address is the actual address for maybe one their offices Po Box…???

I work in a field in which I have access to all the billing address for all the hospital in my area and there is no such address nor name for the orginal creditor they are claiming…Isn’t this false information?

Account Type: reporting as Installment???

There are no schedule payments on a medical collections….Isn't this misleading representation?

My current address is on the bill they sent to me…How??? When they ask me for my current address...I believe the bill they sent is something from their computer...

On the bill it has all this patient diagnosis information…doesn’t the violate the HIPPA Law??? The patient is not even me...but a relative

I do not believe CA suppose to have diagnosis information, cpt code...ect...

I am truly sick of these people...someone please advise

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I already dv them and they sent me a letter stating that they have the account closed and it is deleted ...then they reinsert ...i disputed with the CRA i bet they verify once again...

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