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VERY confused/TC and Transunion

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OK, I just went to TC to update, couldn't because it hasn't been 24 hours. So I click on "found an inaccuracy" I had to sign on again, in which I did. When that cr came up "which is directly from TU" it had a completely different amount of Inqs. The one from TC says 10, the one from TU says 7. I applied for a Gap card yesterday and as denied............this inq is NOT on TU but it is on TC. I thought TC got their information from TU. I called TU and they said that they have the most updated cr and the gap inq isn't on there. They also said that when a creditor pulls your cr they most likely pull it from a 3rd party and not directly from the 3 cra's? Is this true? If this is the case how the heck do we know what inforamtion they are getting to either approve or deny us. There were also some inqs that were last on the list that aren't there either. I'm confused I thought TC got their information directly from TU

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"...when a creditor pulls your cr they most likely pull it from a 3rd party..."

CRA's have a consumer file on most of us (as defined by the FCRA). We refer to it as a 'credit report' but it's actually the raw bureau data. A "Credit Report" is actually an Information Product comprised of merged raw bureau data that, in differing degrees, has been added to or verified.

Most credit grantors pull a 'report' from a 3rd party re-seller. They use software to pull and merge your consumer files from the separate CRA's into an easy-to-read format. This has become Standard Operating Procedure because these Products were sold to creditors for convenience. The result is procedures which support this income stream.

"...how the heck do we know what information they are getting...I thought TC got their information directly from TU"

TC is one of many 3rd party re-sellers.

All the information comes from your consumer files but it goes through their merge logic software. This may bring up errant data or info belonging to someone else. It's the reason we urge consumers to go directly to the CRA's for the true picture of their credit.

There is nothing a consumer can do about the merge and any resulting misinformation. But if you know what your consumer file actually contains, and are able to identify errors in a merged report, your chances of accomplishing what you wish increase (like getting the loan/account you applied for).

The only way you'll see a vendor's merged report is if they show it to you. Most are contractually bound not to do this, but it does happen, especially since FACTA. The other instance is when the Product is targeted for the consumer, like the one you get from TC.

The discrepancy you found in the # of inquiries may simply be a matter of timing. Or it may be an error. At the very least, give it a month or so to reflect the accurate number of inquiries. Before the age of computers, updating use to take place within 60-90 days. That is still considered the 'norm' in the industry. Even though a 3rd party report is supposed to accurately reflect your credit on the Day it is produced, data that was posted 60 days ago is considered 'current' and acceptable.

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